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  Product Type :
. . Film Blowing Grade Starch Based Biodegradable Resin
    Compliance with :


The degradation ratio more then 46% in 100 days


Product Futures :

Granules are in light yellow and come in cylinder and round shape, with slight fragrance. They absorb moisture easily and are easily decomposed by microbes. They are anti-static. The processing temperature of them is lower than that of conventional plastic. They are easily colored. Such resin is a kind of additive which should be blended with polyolefin materials like PE, PP, PVA, EVA, etc. to process finish products.


Recommended Applications:

For all sorts of anti-static packing purposes, e.g. electronic product packaging, car interior covering film, electrical appliance packaging, agricultural mulch film, shopping bags, T-shirt bags, document folders, filter bags, storage bags, bin bags, tear-on-roll bags, disposable gloves, table cloths, aprons and rain coats, etc.        



Processing Equipment:

Common film blowing extruder, sheet extruder, bags making machine, printers, and heat sealing machines are all can be used.


Processing Technology

Best results will be achieved with a screw L/D ratio ≥ 28:1. The blow-up ratio should be more than 1:3 to achieve the maximum production yield and the best quality.


BOR-Z-501F can be blended with LDPE to process film products.

Newly made film feels brittle or crispy. Its elongation is low. This is due to severe dehydration during production. Therefore, the film needs to be settled for a 24- hour curing period to regain elongation and anti-tear strength before being used to make finish products, e.g. bag-making or printing.


The minimum thickness of film made of such material can be 10 microns.



Due to the high starch content, it easily absorbs moisture. Therefore, the package should be sealed properly to prevent the ingress of moisture.


In case the resin is damp, it should be dried for 2 hours at 80C. The processing temperature will be lower 5-10 C than that of PE. During processing, the temperature is correct when corn starch fragrance can be smelled at the hopper.  It is extremely easily decomposed into the soil friendly substances in the microbial environment.


Properties and Data BOR-Z501F

Testing Item





Q/320113SSD001 - 2002

Light Yellow


GB 1033

g/ cm3

0.98 1.05

Moisture Content

Q/320113SSD001 - 2002


0.3 1.2

Melt Flow Index


g/10 min

0 - 2

Tensile strength

GB 1040



Breaking Elongation

GB 1040



Bio Substances Content

Q/320113SSSD001- 2002



n-hexane Extracts




Softening Point



> 65

Degradation rate in100days



> 46

The data for tensile strength and elongation refer to that of finished film products.